If we imagine that your eye is a bit like a camera, then AMD is when the film at the back starts breaking down.


Depending on the type of AMD symptoms can occur over years, months, or even weeks. 'Dry' AMD is more likely to occur over a longer space of time whilst 'Wet' AMD is likely to occur rapidly. This is why it is important to seek treatment as soon as you notice any changes in your vision or the symptoms as mentioned above.


The exact cause of AMD is still unknown, but it is thought to be linked to smoking, excessive drinking, being overweight, high blood pressure and having a family history of AMD. 

Print the Amsler chart below here and follow the instructions to check if you might have AMD

 Did you know eye exams can find the signs of AMD before any symptoms occur? 

Age related Macular degeneration, otherwise known as AMD or ARMD, is a relatively common condition that mainly affects people over 50. AMD affects the middle of your vision. You can get it in one eye or both.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Struggling to see details - reading and driving become difficult

  • It becomes harder to see faces

  • The central part of your vision becomes fuzzy or blurred

  • Straight lines become blurred or appear wavy

  • Objects appearing smaller than usual

  • Colours seeming dull

Book an appointment immediately if you have a sudden loss of vision or you have a dark "curtain" or shadow in your vision


Treatment depends on if you have 'Dry' or 'Wet' AMD. 


  • Unfortunately, currently, there is no known cure or treatment of 'Dry' AMD. However, there are all kinds of visual aids to help reduce the effect on your life.

  • 'Wet' AMD is treatable. You may need regular eye injections. You may also need a treatment called 'Photodynamic Therapy' to stop your vision getting worse. 


You can find out more by downloading a treatment brochure from the Macular Society here.

What the chart may look like with AMD
I think I have AMD:

If you think you have AMD or are not sure contact us to book an appointment. It's important you don't delay seeing us, it might just save your vision! The optician you see will do a full eye examination and if necessary they will refer you for more treatment. 


.For more information you can visit the Macular Society website here.

Normal Vision
AMD normal vision
Vision with AMD
Vision with AMD