Most likely you will know or have heard of someone with cataracts. BUT what are they? and what should you do if you think you have one?


When the lens in your eye becomes cloudy we call this a cataract. They sometimes develop as you get older - stopping the light from reaching the back of your eye. This may start to effect your vision and will eventually need to be removed. To read more click HERE.

I think I've got a Cataract...

If you think you've got a cataract, or you're not sure contact us or book online. During the examination the optometrist will take a look into you eye with special equipment called a Slit Lamp Microscope and will be able to tell if you do. If necessary they will refer you to the hospital to consider surgery. For more information click HERE

Wearing quality sunglasses that block out UV light can protect your eyes and reduce the risk of developing cataracts