Am I safe to drive?

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

Our specialist optician answers your questions about your eyes and driving.

To be safe to drive the law recommends these tests:

(If you wear glasses or contact lenses keep them on for this test)

- In good daylight try reading the number plate of a car from 20 meters away. If you cant read it you probably shouldn't be driving. Book online today to talk to one of our opticians about what we may be able to do for you.

In store the we will check this on a Snellen chart (the famous one with all the letters) and make sure you can see at least 6/12.

- The law also requires all drivers to have a minimum field of vision. A higher standard of visual acuity and field of vision is required for Group 2 bus and lorry drivers.If required we will carry out a field of vision test in our practice. It's a bit like a star wars game with cross hairs and flashing lights!

Is it safe to drive if I have cataracts?

Depending on the degree of cataract, it is often safe to drive, you may not need to notify the DVLA. We recommend regular eye examinations to check if you're safe to drive, if your worried about it - get it checked!

I only have one good eye can I still drive?

For Group 1 drivers - You must meet the same visual acuity and visual field standards as other drivers and may drive only after clinical advice of successful adaptation to the condition.

Only those monocular people who fail to meet these requirements are required to notify the DVLA. Whereas for bus or lorry drivers , the visual standards required are higher and they must notify the DVLA.

I suffer from double vision can I still drive?

You must not drive and must notify the DVLA. Driving may resume after the DVLA has received confirmation that the double vision is controlled.

Our view

The above is only a brief guide and detailed advice is available on the government website under It is your legal duty notify the DVLA of any injury or illness that would have a likely impact on safe driving ability.

Drop in to talk to one of our eye specialists at Jaysons Opticians about any of your eye health concerns.

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