Look after your eyes this Summer!

Hints and tips for happy holiday eyes 

With summer holidays on the horizon, half the fun of going away is the getting ready.

Whilst meticulous planning, remember to think about what you will be putting our eyes through when you are on holiday.

Invest in some solid shades

As well as looking cool sunglasses play an important role in helping to prevent eye damage from the sun’s harmful rays. With good quality sunglasses you'll protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light.

If sunglasses or lenses aren’t for you then a wide-brimmed hat can also provide some protection.

Protect your skin

The skin around your eyes is also sensitive. With sun cream pay extra attention to get good coverage around your eyes (without getting any in them of course).

Guard your eyes against sand

A gentle breeze on the beech can leave you with an eyeful of grit. Sunglasses can protect against this and its a good idea to keep a bottle of water nearby, to quickly flush out your eye.

Take care of your eyes when swimming

Whether it’s a dip in the sea, or plunging into the hotel pool, the water can contain contaminants that can potentially causing redness, irritation or infection. Swimming goggles can protect against this.

Contact lens wearers whilst on holiday

Ensuring you thoroughly clean lenses should help reduce the chances of infection but when visiting the beach, sand can get trapped under the lenses.

If you must wear contact lenses use water-tight goggles when swimming or use daily lenses so you can replace with a fresh pair straight after your swim.

Ideally your eyes may benefit from having a break from contact lenses so instead wear prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

Be wary of air conditioning

Once the room is cool enough, try to get the air con switched off for a while, giving your eyes a break and allowing them to rebalance their moisture.

“Wishing you Happy Holidays “

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