Protecting your eyes whilst enjoying the sun

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or driving in the car – and still need vision correction – prescription sunglasses are ideal. Since most prescription sunglasses block 100% UV, prescription sunglasses are a healthy way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Many people routinely take precautions to protect their skin against UV rays: but are unaware of the need to protect their eyes against UV damage. Research indicates that long-term, unprotected exposure to the sunlight can lead to age-related conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts

Polarised lenses reduce glare and enhance clarity in your vision. An invisible filter is built into your lenses – making images appear sharper and clearer while reducing the intensity of the sun's glare. Polarized sunglasses are available with or without a prescription.

Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV light, such as when you walk outdoors. When you are no longer exposed to the effects of UV, (i.e. walk indoors), the lenses return to their clear state. Transitions lenses are photochromic lenses that block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Transitions lenses are a great everyday solution for outdoor use, but there will always be times when a second pair of sunglasses is beneficial. For instance, at high temperatures they may not always get as dark as sunglasses. Also, since they are activated by UV exposure, most Transitions lenses don't work behind the windscreen of a car as the windscreen actually blocks UV rays.

However, Transitions® XTRActive® lenses do activate moderately behind a windshield as they react to both UV and visible light.

Our view:

We recommend you protect your eyes against UV exposure at all times – and starting at an early age! So why not choose a second pair that makes a real difference in the comfort and clarity of vision while doing the things you love most!

Article written by

Mr K.Lakhani BSC MCOptom Dip Tp Ip

Specialist Optometrist.

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