‘Tis the Season to be…careful

Christmas is coming - our gift to you is a few friendly words of advice and warning about the potential eye popping dangers that may accompany Santa down the chimney.

'Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!'

As beautiful as it may be to have a lighted and decorated evergreen in the house, Christmas trees can pose many potential ocular threats. Between the pine/fir/spruce needles, the electric light bulbs and the glass ornaments, there are multiple hazards awaiting the holiday reveller. The needles can cause corneal abrasions and possibly even perforation.

'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!'

This classic line from A Christmas Story is a good line to remember—children's toys can be a significant cause of eye injuries. By far, the greatest culprits are projectile toys like paintball, pellet and even airsoft guns, which can all cause significant ocular trauma

Remote control drones, which are now widely available and affordable, are yet another potential source of devastating ocular injury. Additionally, toys or products that incorporate functioning lasers can lead to inadvertent, but sight-threatening, retinal burns

It is often customary to pop champagne corks at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and celebrate the incoming year with a glass of bubbly. As you can imagine, ocular contusion injuries due to airborne corks pose a small but real threat to revellers

New Year's festivities may include fireworks. The potential for ocular injuries due to recreational explosives is well known: "party poppers" can cause burns to the skin and eye if fired at close range, and more severe sight-threatening injuries have been caused by firecrackers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, roman candles, and other such items.

Our view

So, with a little caution and a dash of common sense, you can help protect both your family and friends from significant ocular injury during the coming weeks.

Here's wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season from all the team at Jaysons Opticians. We look forward to sharing our perspectives with you and looking after your eyes in 2020.

Article written by

Mr K.Lakhani BSC MCOptom Dip TpIp

Special Optometrist

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