"Made an appointment for 16:40 yesterday and chose some new prescription sunglasses. Got a text message today at 13:30 to say they were ready for collection. Less than 24hours after my eye test I'm wearing my new glasses!"

- MC

"I've been going to Jayson's Opticians for around 30 years.
Mr Lakhani is the only person I trust with my eyes and my family's too.
Very knowledgable with excellent support team around him
You'll not find better."

- JD

"I haven’t had an eye test for as long as I can remember. A recent cold has left me with a blurry right eye so my wife “encouraged” me to get it checked. As always, Jason’s Opticians were brilliant, they have a lot of extremely sophisticated equipment. Photographs of my eyes were also taken which were incredibly sharp and detailed. By looking at them they could establish if everything is as it should be (it was). Very friendly, professional and lovely people. I highly recommend, five stars.

Thank you once again" - N & T B

"Visited Jaysons today with my wife to collect her new Varifocals, she's well Impressed!! Every few minutes it's, "I can see this" and "I can see that" she is so happy with her new glasses. The staff are extremely professional, helpful and friendly.. I can't recommend them enough. Many thanks "

- NB

"I required replacement glasses recently as I had managed to break my existing pair. As we are currently in lockdown due to Covid 19 I had to ask for the replacements over the phone. This was easily and successfully achieved, and the replacements arrived safely in a couple of days. Very pleased with this excellent service. Many thanks."
- CW

10 months ago

"Jaysons Opticians 100% fantastic services but the MOST IMPORTANT they found my mums brain tumour! She went to boots had a test! Went to shop around Specsavers checked her prescription but still did not spot it!! Jaysons found the lump at the back of her eye! And if it was not for them she would not be alive now!!"

- LW